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LOFAR2.0 System Review

Submitter: Wim van Cappellen
Description: After a period of intense preparations, the LOFAR2.0 Stage 1 System Review has been successfully concluded in April. The System Review was an independent review of the LOFAR2.0 science and system requirements, and the system architecture. The LOFAR2.0 team has worked very hard to deliver the documents for review. The Review Panel, consisting of Carla Baldovin, (chair, ASTRON), Daniel Hayden, (SKAO), Maaike Mevius (ASTRON), Adriaan Peens-Hough (SARAO), Arno Schoenmakers (ASTRON) and Reinout van Weeren (Leiden University) submitted a total of 343 observations. In its feedback, the panel acknowledged the complexity of the LOFAR2.0 program and the very stringent constraints imposed, in particular in terms of schedule and budget. The review meeting was very constructive, in particular because the external panel members shared their experience from similar projects. The panel concluded that the team is committed to have in place a robust systems engineering approach, and that the selected approach is sensible given the nature of the program. As expected, the panel confirmed that activities at the system level need to continue to finalise the science and system level requirements.
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