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Dwingeloo downloads solar eclipse image from lunar orbit

Submitter: Tammo Jan Dijkema & Paul Boven
Description: This image, like our previous image, shows Earth and Moon, photographed from the Chinese microsatellite DSLWP-B (LongJiang-2) in lunar orbit. A very special thing about this image though is that it was taken on July 2 (18:57 and 18:58 UTC), when a solar eclipse was visible from South America. The black dot in the photos above shows this solar eclipse viewed from the Moon.

This image was another result from the collaboration with Harbin Institute of Technology, which developed the satellite (in particular MingChuan Wei BG2BHC and BY2HIT). Commands to the satellite were uplinked by German radio amateur Reinhard Kühn DK5LA. The download was done with the Dwingeloo radio telescope, as well as from smaller dishes in Shahe, Bejing and Wakayama. Additional planning and analysis was done by Daniel Estevez EA4GPZ. The images were color corrected, originals are here. The incoming signals were stored for later correlation.

To our knowledge, this is the first ever Earthrise picture featuring a shadow of the Moon.
Copyright: Harbin Institute of Technology / CAMRAS / DK5LA
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