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Summary of 2nd ASTRON/JIVE Traineeship in Science Operations with Massive Arrays

Submitter: Thomas Franzen
Description: The second edition of the ASTRON/JIVE "Traineeship in Science Operations with Massive Arrays" ended on 26 July 2019. The aim of the traineeship was to share expertise in operating massive arrays ahead of next-generation world-class astronomy facilities such as the SKA.
The traineeship involved 11 weeks training of LOFAR operations and 1 week training at JIVE. During LOFAR training, the four trainees (Benedicta Woode, Noah Chanka, Sumit Jaiswal, and Ziad Modak) gained experience working with the LOFAR hardware and software system, proposal preparation and submission, data quality assessment, system health monitoring in the LOFAR control room and LOFAR data processing pipelines. In the JIVE training, they were exposed to VLBI theory, operations and data processing. Apart from the series of lectures and tutorials, the trainees also visited the LOFAR core stations, WSRT site, SURFsara (a LOFAR Long Term Archive), and JIVE/EVN correlators.

One of the most important aspects of this traineeship was the daily interaction of the trainees with LOFAR scientists, engineers, and support staff. This interaction helped the trainees understand the daily LOFAR operations and its challenges. The trainees' feedback about the traineeship was positive. Thanks to ASTRON, LOFAR SOS, and Dr Roberto Pizzo for organising this traineeship.

Comment from one of the trainees: "The traineeship has made me realise that my previous interest in support was quite superficial. The traineeship showed me that it is much more interesting than I thought and there’s much more to learn and contribute towards."
Copyright: Copyright 2019 Sumit Jaiswal and Thomas Franzen. All Rights Reserved.
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