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No fever for Gemini-XH amidst Corona Virus

Submitter: Leon Hiemstra / Gijs Schoonderbeek
Description: While social isolation due to the Corona virus forces us all to work at home only, testing of the Gemini-XH, the processing platform for the SKA-CSP-LOW, is still going strong.

All interfaces to the Gemini-XH can be remotely accessed, we can program the FPGA, have access to the control interface to monitor all the internal sensors. We have even added a remote power ON/OFF switching mechanism to power cycle the board. To keep in touch with the board we have set up a webcam in the Astron laboratory, as can be seen in the image.

On March 23th we started a high-power test, which has run successfully through the night. The power consumption of the complete Gemini-XH board was 260 Watt, of which about 70% is used by the FPGA. Even with this high power consumption, and current exceeding 150 A, the FPGA temperature did not exceed 68 °C – well below its maximal operation junction temperature of 100 °C. This once again demonstrates the capacity of the liquid cooling solution.
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