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Thumbs up for TMSS!

Submitter: TMSS team
Description: A team of software engineers and telescope scientists at ASTRON is realizing a brand-new software application for the specification, administration, and scheduling of LOFAR observations. The new platform is called TMSS: Telescope Manager Specification System. Its realization is crucial, as it will enable the required support for LOFAR2.0 use cases, while also streamlining LOFAR operations and improving the adaptability and maintainability of software for future extensions. TMSS is an important component of the Telescope Manager of LOFAR2.0, the system that will control all aspects of the telescope, including proposal handling, observation execution, and system monitoring.

The TMSS project started in January 2020. In its first quarter, it has implemented the important system foundations in terms of telescope model and database. The system has already been also enhanced with the capability to perform a survey-type observation. We have witnessed this during the demo at the sprint review on 21 April, when the picture here was taken. It shows the team of happy TMSS team members and various stakeholders framed within the most relevant screenshots of the TMSS system taken during the successful observation.

This is a very important milestone for the project and the first of several more expected in the next months.

Thumbs up for TMSS!!
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