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Colloquium: The ALMA Spectroscopic Deep Field (ASPECS)

Submitter: Chris Carilli (NRAO)
Description: The ASPECS survey is a large ALMA program designed to perform a blind search for molecular gas over a substantial cosmic volume in the UDF. We scanned the full 90GHz and 250 GHz bands, identifying galaxies via their CO (and [CI]) emission, out to z ~ 5. The data also provide the deepest 250 GHz continuum image to date.

I will describe the survey and present the results in the line and continuum. The results provide an unbiased measurement of the dense gas history of the Universe. We find a rise and fall with increasing redshift, of the molecular gas content of galaxies, which parallels, and presumably fuels, that seen in the cosmic star formation rate density. The data also imply that steady accretion of hot gas from the IGM is required at all redshifts, to maintain gas supply for cosmic star formation.

Time permitting, I will also give a brief summary of the status of the Next Generation Very Large Array project. The ngVLA builds on the legacy of the VLA and ALMA, improving the capabilities, in terms of sensitivity and resolution, by an order of magnitude.
Copyright: Chris Carilli (NRAO)
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