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Goodbye DESP

Submitter: Andre Gunst
Description: Due to the re-structuring of ASTRON the DESP group ceases to exist. After almost 20 years we have officially dismantled the group during a farewell ceremony. We looked back in time and made an inventory of the DESP heritage: its history, culture and highlights over the years. Also, we looked forward and made a list of items (the "DESP legacy") we would like to bring in to the new groups.

Although this is the end of an enthusiastic, passionate, open, creative, hard working and positive group, it is also a start to bring all of this into the new groups. All of us are eager to continue our work in the Smart Frontend or Smart Backend group!

The picture shows the participants of the farewell meeting in the traditional "jump pose", as we did in previous "heidagen" (away days).
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