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Colloquium: Thai National Radio Observatory: Current Progress and Plan

Submitter: Phrudth Jaroenjittichai
Description: Marking the start of its 2nd strategic development plan, 2016-2025, the National Astronomical Research Institute of Thailand (NARIT) initiated the project known as “Radio Astronomy Network and Geodesy for Development” (RANGD) for human capacity building in the Era towards Thailand 4.0.

The RANGD project phase I, 2017-2021, includes the construction of the Thai National Radio Observatory (TNRO), which hosts co-located 40m and 13m VLBI2010 Geodetic Observing System (VGOS) radio telescopes.

The 40m RT will be capable of up to 100 GHz observation, where L-band 1.0-1.8 GHz and K-band 18-26 GHz receivers will be installed as the first two astronomical instruments. C++/Q/W-band receivers are in the design study phase. The 40m is expected for completion later this year.

TNRO will play an important role in research and development in radio astronomy and geodesy in Thailand. Its ideal geographical location will allow significant contributions to, and collaborations with VLBI networks around the world.

Site condition, current progress, and plans will be presented. The photo shows TNRT with the comet Neowise, in 2020.
Copyright: Image credit: Phrudth Jaroenjittichai / NARIT
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