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Smart Back-end Demo Meetings

Submitter: André Gunst & Walter Jansen
Description: Every 6 weeks we organize a demo meeting for the members of the Smart Back-end (SBe) group. To limit the time of the meeting we decided to alternate between research oriented demos originating from the SBe technology roadmap, and demos that emphasize the development progress we made to implement the instrument roadmap. This way we share and celebrate the latest highlights and results.

However, due to the ongoing working at home situation we have been really missing the "cake eating" at those moments. At last we have found a solution to add such a celibration moment without enlarging the carbon footprint by packet services and without draining our budget too much by the expensive online cake delivery services. Instead we let every group member buy it's own cake at the local bakery or grocery shop in their neighborhood, supporting the local small businesses. This results in a variety of cakes, which is fun to share as well.

And as icing on the cake: Everyone who can show proof of the pudding in the Zoom call gets its expenses re-funded. We are looking forward to the next demo meeting! Members only...
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