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Team Tangerine plans in Lausanne

Submitter: Yan Grange
Description: As many reaaders will know, ASTRON has been very involved in the SKA construction for years. Data access to the SKA will be supported by local nodes, provided by the community. For the development of the network of those nodes, known as SRCNet (SKA Regional Centre Network), several teams have been set up to build prototypes for components and systems that will have to run in those systems.

In the week of 6-10 March, the SCRNet ART came together virtually to plan for the program increment (PI – upcoming 3 months) to come.
Team “Tangerine” physically came together in Lausanne at EPFL. In the coming PI, the team will focus on several things, including providing feedback on the system architecture and processing feedback we received on the vision document that the team has written on what a science analysis platform should be and do. The main development effort will be in setting up a workflow execution system to execute a demonstrator workflow.

The picture shows the happy team members in front of a Tangerine-coloured building at EPFL. If you are interested in the work we do, please get in touch with Yan or Janneke.
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