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Guest lessons at Stad&Esch Diever

Submitter: Mischa Brendel
Description: On Wednesday 31 May, we gave a few guest lessons at Stad&Esch Diever, to second-year high schoolers of havo/vwo, and to the second years of vmbo TL.

Both lessons started with Elfi Dijkstra giving a short introduction about ASTRON and NOVA, and her work there. After that, the classes were divided into four groups which visited and participated in the following experiments: laserlight and mirrors, vacuum chamber, doppler-ball, and black-hole experiment.

Although we weren't able to get every single high schooler excited, we did manage to get some of them interested in astronomy and what we do. We also were also able to tell them something about the internships we have to offer.

We set out to become more visible to these children (and their teachers) and to show them a bit about the work that we do here. In that, we succeeded, having fun along the way.
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