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Wolfsbos visits ASTRON

Submitter: Mischa Brendel
Description: On March 26th and 27th, no less than 120 high school students (around 60 each day) visited ASTRON to learn more about the technology behind everything that ASTRON does. The visitors were first-year high school students mavo-havo from Wolfsbos in Hoogeveen.
Johan Pragt gave them a wonderful introduction talk in the auditorium, after which the classes were split up into four groups and brought to several different locations with activities by tour guides Lonneke Kerkhoff, Sandra Mellema, Roelie Kremers, Miranda Vos, Amelie Finan, Gerda Sikken, and Steyn Hulshof.
The students got to see the EMC lab, where Albert van Duin explained about radio interference, learned about gravity with the black hole experiment, run by Sanne Bloot, Reinier van der Walle, and Mischa Brendel, got a tour of the radio telescope by Tammo Jan Dijkema, and learned how to build a planetarium by Scott Polotto and Sjouke Kuindersma, or how to solder by Mark Olijve, Paula Fusiara, and Henri Meulman. Their day ended with a mini quiz, in which the winner went home with a Lego radio telescope.
It were two loud and busy days and we are very grateful to all those colleagues who helped out and – hopefully – made some students excited about mechanics, electronics, and engineering and all that ASTRON does.
Copyright: Frank Nuijens
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