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Opening Hallenhoes

Submitter: Ellemijn Oosterhuis
Description: Last Thursday (May 16) was the opening of the Hallenhoes in Exloo. In addition to the Schaapskooi shop, the TIP and the restaurant, ASTRON can also be found here. We are developing an escape room in collaboration with the Game Bakery. Maybe you've looked down into our basement. Those are parts of this escape room.

During the opening we showed a 3D visualization to the guests through VR glasses. This is because the escape room in the Hallenhoes still has to be built. Jetta Klijnsma also came by and listened to our ideas with great enthusiasm!

For now, we are busy further developing the escape room and hope that it can be used by many students at the end of October or beginning of November.

The escape room is about the journey of 3 researchers to the Big Bang. The three researchers each have their own role within the research team and the players choose one of these roles at the start of the game. The players are going trough three rooms, the past, the present and the future.
Copyright: Danja Politis (3D visualization) & Joanne Jager (Photos)
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