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André Gunst celebrating 25 years at ASTRON.

Submitter: I&S
Description: On July 1, 1999, André began his career as a digital design engineer at ASTRON after 11 years of studying electronics. The day after successfully defending his thesis, which focused on determining the optimal number of ADC bits for radio astronomy, he joined the Netherlands Foundation for Research in Astronomy (NFRA), now known as ASTRON. Over the years, André’s role evolved from drawing schematics and writing firmware as a digital engineer to becoming a (sub)project manager and later a competence group leader. Currently, André combines his technical expertise with his people skills as an adviser in the Smart Back-end group and serves as the system architect of LOFAR2.0. As shown in the picture, André is a valued colleague at ASTRON, celebrating 25 years of dedicated service.
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