The Radio Universe @ Ger’s (wave)-length

4-7 November 2013

Groningen, the Netherlands


Invited speakers

Paul Alexander (Kavli Institute for Cosmology), Frank Briggs (Australian National University), Wim Brouw (University of Groningen & ASTRON), Robert Braun (CSIRO), Jayaram Chengalur (Tata Institute of Fundamental Research), Benedetta Ciardi (MPA), Marijke Haverkorn (Radboud University Nijmegen), George Heald (ASTRON), Jean-Pierre Macquart (Curtin University), George Miley (University of Leiden), Christopher O'Dea (Rochester Institute of Technology), Ue-Li Pen (CITA), Rick Perley (NRAO), Huub Rottgering (University of Leiden), Thijs van der Hulst (University of Groningen)


Scientific Rationale

Radio astronomy at very low frequencies is currently undergoing a major revolution. A number of radio interferometers have been recently built/upgraded (e.g., LOFAR, MWA, GMRT) or under planning (SKA) that will explore the Universe at low frequencies in unprecedented sensitivity, resolution and field of view. These images facilitate the exploration of a large number of astronomical fields. In addition, achieving such high quality deep images requires the development of novel and powerful radio interferometry techniques. During this year the LOFAR telescope has started taking very deep and high quality images of the radio sky at ~2-4 meters wavelength. These data together with other radio and optical data allow the study of a number of exciting topics, which will be the focus of this conference.

This year will also mark the 65th birthday of Prof. Ger de Bruyn who has been a leading figure in radio astronomy in the last few decades and has been instrumental in the development of LOFAR, especially the LOFAR-EoR key science project. This conference is also planned as a celebration of his scientific career and achievements. Therefore, the topics of the conference have also been chosen to coincide with his scientific interests, which naturally fit into the topic of high quality imaging in the radio Universe.

In particular the conference will focus on the following topics: (i) The Epoch of Reionization (EoR); (ii) Galactic and Extragalactic Foreground Emission (Synchrotron, Galactic magnetism, EoR foregrounds in general, AGNs, Radio Giants, DDRGs, Variability, BLRs,); (iii) Surveys at Low Radio Frequencies; and (iv) Foundations of Radio Astronomy (Faraday Rotation Measure Synthesis, Scintillation, Calibration of Radio interferometers, RFI mitigation, Radio arrays design in general).

In addition to the conference in Groningen (Nov 4-7, 2013), ASTRON is organizing a special one day celebration in Dwingeloo (Nov 8, 2013). Attendance on 8 Nov is by invitation only.



"Blauwe Zaal", Building 5412, Zernike Campus, University of Groningen, Groningen, the Netherlands
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