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 ==== Benefits of the Nomachine NX server ==== ==== Benefits of the Nomachine NX server ====
-  * very fast, full graphical desktop ​(even over dial-up modem) ​+  * very fast, full graphical desktop
   * much faster than VNC    * much faster than VNC 
   * far more secure than VNC    * far more secure than VNC 
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 Change the Desktop - Custom - settings: Change the Desktop - Custom - settings:
-{{ :public:nxclient3.jpg }}+{{ :public:nx_custom_settings.jpg?330 |}} 
 +Check: ''​Run the following command''​ and fill in ''/​usr/​bin/​icewm-session''​. Then press ''​save''​ and good luck. 
 +WARNING: You MUST log out from the window manager in NX before closing the NX session, otherwise the session will fail to startup again at the next connect. The only remedy in that case, is to log into the portal, execute ''​killall -u <​yourself>'',​ log in again, remove the ''​.nx''​ directory and then reconnect with nx.
-The default environment is KDE4 
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