Free NX usage

The FreeNX facility is an open-source client-server application for X11 compression. It offers you an X11 login environment on your local machine (e.g. laptop) with the look and feel as if you are working locally on your remote server.

  • very fast, full graphical desktop
  • much faster than VNC
  • far more secure than VNC
  • simple and reliable configuration, based on OpenSSH
  • source code available under GNU Public License (GPL)
  • free support from the Linux Community
  • enterprise-level paid support available from Nomachine and CentOS

The Linux client can be found at The windows client can be found here

Once installed on your Windows PC or laptop, you can start the NX Client for Windows:


Use the “Configure” button to change default settings:


Change the Desktop - Custom - settings:

Check: Run the following command and fill in /usr/bin/icewm-session. Then press save and good luck.

WARNING: You MUST log out from the window manager in NX before closing the NX session, otherwise the session will fail to startup again at the next connect. The only remedy in that case, is to log into the portal, execute killall -u <yourself>, log in again, remove the .nx directory and then reconnect with nx.

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