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 |[[:​public:​stopdayactivities_9jul2019|Jul 9-10]] w/ LCUs reboot|?| |[[:​public:​stopdayactivities_9jul2019|Jul 9-10]] w/ LCUs reboot|?|
 |<​del>​Sep 3-4</​del>​ |Postponed to sep 24-25| |<​del>​Sep 3-4</​del>​ |Postponed to sep 24-25|
-|Sep 24-25|Jasmin|+|[[:​public:​stopdayactivities_24sep2019|Sep 24-25]]|Jasmin|
 |Nov 5-6 w/ LCUs reboot|?| |Nov 5-6 w/ LCUs reboot|?|
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