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Important LOFAR dates

Collection of important dates regarding the LOFAR system. This collects known Stopdays, Software releases, etc. Subject to change, so if you need to stay up-to-date, subscribe to this page (use 'Manage Subscriptions' in the little menu on the right side).

This dates at this page should be in sync with the LOFAR activity agenda: LOFAR Google Calendar maintained by Science Operations & Support ( sos (at) ).

Please, let us know if you find any discrepancies ( ro_wiki (at) ).

Note: The dates are links to pages with planned changes/activities.

Feb 5-6Teun
Mar 19-20 w/ LCUs rebootJasmin
May 7Reinoud
Jul 9-10 w/ LCUs reboot?
Sep 3-4 Postponed to sep 24-25
Sep 24-25Jasmin
Nov 5-6 w/ LCUs reboot?

:!: Please note:

  • The dates and activity logs of previous years can be found here: Archived stop days
  • The stop-day procedure is described here: LOFAR Stop days
    \\  ===== Major LOFAR Software Deployments =====
2016Version 2017Version 2018Version 2019Version
Jan 252.15 Feb 132.20 Feb 12Skipped Jan 23 (Wed!)3.2.7 (Minor rollout)
Mar 142.16 Mar 13Skipped Apr 233.1 Apr 23 (Tue!)4.0.0 (Major release) Reverted
May 232.17 May 8 Jun 122.21 Jun 18Skipped Jun 244.0.0 (Major release)
Jul 4 Jul 102.21.5 (Minor rollout) Sep 103.2 Sep 16Skipped
Sep 122.17.6 Sep 112.22 Nov 5Skipped Nov 18
Nov 72.19 Oct 163.0 Dec 10Skipped
Dec 5Skipped Dec 11Skipped

:!: Note: Semester planning by SOS will be done half April and half October for the coming semesters; be sure to get in touch with M. Iacobelli (or S. ter Veen) around that time to properly synchronize all plannings (incl stopdays, etc.)

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