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 ====== Installing Losoto in a Virtual environment ​ ====== ====== Installing Losoto in a Virtual environment ​ ======
-  * Tested/​installed on flits (@ ASTRON) and generic ubuntu 14.04+  * Tested/​installed on flits
 <​code>​ <​code>​
-# install the following packtes (with apt-get, aptitude or so): 
-python-virtualenv libhdf5-serial-1.8.4 libhdf5-serial-dev 
 # First create a virtual environment # First create a virtual environment
 virtualenv losoto virtualenv losoto
 # Enter the environment with the following command # Enter the environment with the following command
 source losoto/​bin/​activate source losoto/​bin/​activate
-#re-install a number of packages 
 pip install numpy pip install numpy
 pip install numexpr pip install numexpr
 pip install cython pip install cython
-#Download HDF5 and untar it+Download HDF5 and untar it
 ./configure --prefix=/​home/​user/​bin/​hdf5;​ make; make install ./configure --prefix=/​home/​user/​bin/​hdf5;​ make; make install
 export LD_LIBRARY_PATH="/​home/​user/​bin/​hdf5/​lib"​ and HDF5_DIR="/​home/​user/​bin/​hdf5"​ export LD_LIBRARY_PATH="/​home/​user/​bin/​hdf5/​lib"​ and HDF5_DIR="/​home/​user/​bin/​hdf5"​
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