LOFAR User Software

This page will redirect you to build instructions for the LOFAR common software packages. Unfortunately there are two confusing names for two very different software bases:

  • LOFAR Software → the package used and maintained by ASTRON containing control software, pipelines, AwImager, AOFlagger; this is the package developed and elaborated and used in the LOFAR production environment
  • LUS (LOFAR User Software) → package maintained by the KSPs (Key Science projects) containing the pulsar pipelines tools, the Cosmic Ray tools, etc.

There are basically two ways to obtain the LOFAR Offline software.

  1. One is to fetch the source code directly from the LOFAR repository and do it all yourself. This requires that your system has a bunch of libraries installed already, or that you need to install these as you go. This is for people who are somewhat familiar with installing packages and building your own code using CMake.
    1. Ubuntu 14.04/16.04 LTS users can obtain precompiled LOFAR (and other) packages from Gijs Molenaar's KERN repository. This package is not supported by ASTRON, please contact Gijs Molenaar in case of issues.
  2. You can also use this Docker repo, which contains docker images uploaded by the LOFAR Software team. For more information on their use, see here.

Note: additional documentation can be found on GitHub (

  • Go to documentation this page for documentation on DPPP, BBS,etc…

The Dynspec package (Dynamic Spectrum toolkit) can be downloaded and used as well.

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