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 ====== User Software :: pyBDSM ====== ====== User Software :: pyBDSM ======
-**IMPORTANT NOTE: PyBDSM cannot be found in LUS repository any more (10-02-2014) ​:!:** The documentation can be found in: [[http://​dl.dropboxusercontent.com/​u/​1948170/​html/​installation.html]]+<​html>​ 
 +<div style="​border:2px dashed red; padding: 2em;"><​h2>​WARNING:</​h2>​ <​strong>​PyBDSM cannot be found in LUS repository any more (10-02-2014)</​strong>​. ​The documentation ​of PyBDSM ​can be found <a href="http://​dl.dropboxusercontent.com/​u/​1948170/​html/​installation.html">​here</​a></​div>​ 
 ==== External dependencies ==== ==== External dependencies ====
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