3rd MIDPREP and AAMID Workshop

Preparing for SKA Wide-field Science and Engineering

7-9 March 2016
SAAO, Cape town, South Africa



The SKA is preparing to solidify the path towards possible wide-field instruments around 1 GHz for the second phase of the SKA. This pertains in particular to the use of Mid-Frequency Aperture Arrays (MFAA’s) and Phased Array Feeds (PAF’s), both projected for future SKA use in South Africa, beside the use of Wideband Single Pixel Feeds. To further define the path towards these instruments, a common view of their aspired science is endeavored. To demonstrate the feasibility, maturity and cost-effectiveness of an SKA-AAMID telescope, a large next step should be planned beyond the present EMBRACE demonstrators in France and the Netherlands. This step consists of a science capable demonstrator for use in South Africa.

This workshop is therefore hosted by the South African Astronomical Observatory (SAAO). It will focus on, but is not limited to, the SKA-AAMID telescope and aims at closing the requirements between identified scientific merit and the engineering status and development projections while engaging with the Science and Engineering community of interested parties in South Africa.

Further background:



MIDPREP organizes for strengthening relevant research networks through exchange of experienced and early-stage radio scientists and engineers between the three South African Universities (Univ.of Cape Town, Stellenbosch Univ. and Rhodes Univ. to and from Onsala Space Observatory/Chalmers Univ. in Sweden and ASTRON in the Netherlands.
Through that, MIDPREP aims to support a common design view on site related aspects, to advance radio-optics, calibration, ICT, processing and technology views and (possibly “green”) designs on SKA-MID centred in the Karoo. The activities are focused on SKA-MID Aperture Array technology and Wideband Single Pixel Feed Receiver technologies and science requiring intensified knowledge exchange and opportunities for collaboration supported through the EC-FP7 MIDPREP program.
Knowledge from the project is disseminated to a larger community by annual workshops, out of which this workshop is the last.




The AAMID and MIDPREP workshop will be followed by a closed AAMID consortium meeting on March 10 and 11. The AAMID consortium executes the Mid Frequency Aperture Array (MFAA) work package, which is part of the SKA Advanced Instrumentation Programme. The consortium is currently preparing for the System Requirement Review in April 2016. Information of the consortium can be found at: https://www.skatelescope.org/mfaa/