3rd MIDPREP and AAMID Workshop

Preparing for SKA Wide-field Science and Engineering

7-9 March 2016
SAAO, Cape town, South Africa



PROGRAMME 3rd MIDPREP/AAMID workshop – SAAO, Cape Town 2016


7 March: 1st Day WORKSHOP


09:30 Registration

Session 1: Opening and Welcome

(chair: Patrick Woudt, University of Cape Town)

10:00 Welcome - Ted Williams (SAAO)
10:05 Progress and status of AAMID – Wim van Cappellen (ASTRON)
10:30 Progress and status of MIDPREP – Arnold van Ardenne (ASTRON)
10:45 Progress and views from SKA South Africa – Rob Adam (SKA South Africa)
11:00 Break
11:30 Session 2: Overview of Wide-Field telescope aspirations around 1 GHz
(chair: Patrick Woudt)
11:30 SKA2 Ambitions and wide-field science – André van Es/Jeff Wagg (SKA Organisation)
12:00 Status and progress of MID-AA technology – Andrew Faulkner (Cambridge University)
12:30 Status and progress of PAF technology – Mark Bowen (CSIRO)
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Session 3: Wide-field Science opportunities around 1 GHz
(chair: Kurt van der Heyden, UCT)
14:00 HI Science in the Local Universe – Claude Carignan (University of Cape Town)

Galaxy evolution probed by extragalactic HI – Sarah Blyth (University of Cape Town)

15:00 Galaxy evolution probed by radio continuum - Kim McAlpine (University of Western Cape)

Cosmology – Filipe Abdalla (University College London)

15:50 Break
16:20 Session 3: Wide-field Science opportunities around 1 GHz (Cont)
(chair: Mario Santos, UWC)
16:20 Cosmic magnetism – Russ Taylor (UWC/UCT)
16:50 The dynamic radio sky: Pulsars – Joeri van Leeuwen (ASTRON)
17:20 The dynamic radio sky: Transients and variables – J.P. Macquart (Curtin Institute of Radio Astronomy)
17:50 Wrap up
18:00 End of 1st day workshop



8 March: 2nd Day WORKSHOP


09:40 Session 4: Wide-field and high resolution instruments
(Chair: Arnold van Ardenne)
09:40 VLBI opportunities with SKA-AAMID – Roger Deane (Rhodes University)

The African VLBI Network (AVN) - TL Venkatasubramani (SKA South Africa)

10:40 EMBRACE, latest results – Steve Torchinsky (Observatoire de Paris à Nancay)

Session 5: Converging on SKA-AAMID science requirements
(Chair: Jess Broderick, ASTRON)

11:10 SKA-AAMID Science Requirements – Steve Torchinsky (Observatoire de Paris à Nancay)
11:40 Break
12:00 Session 6: South African Environment, Infrastructure and Education
(Chair: Kobus Cloete,SKA SA)
12:00 RFI at the South African SKA site – Rob Millenaar (SKA South Africa)
12:30 Infrastructure – Tracy Cheetham (SKA South Africa)
13:00 Mass production towards 2025 + Movie slide 12 – Robert van der Horn (ASTRON)
13:30 Lunch

Session 7: Mid-Frequency Aperture Array systems

(Chair: Jan Geralt bij de Vaate)

14:30 SKA-AAMID System Design – André Gunst (ASTRON)
15:00 Dual use of MID-AA’s: Space Applications – Carla Sharpe (SKA South Africa)
15:15 The MFAA science capable demonstrator – Wim van Cappellen (ASTRON)

Mid-Frequency Aperture Arrays for demonstration and education (Discussion)
(Chair: Chair David Davidson, Stellenbosch University/Kurt van der Heyden, University of Cape Town)

16:15 Break

Session 8: Calibration, Computing and Science Data Processing

(Chair: Jess Broderick)

16:45 SKA-AAMID Science data processing – Oleg Smirnov (Rhodes University)
17:15 SKA-AAMID calibration – Stefan Wijnholds (ASTRON)
18:15 End of 2nd day workshop
  Conference dinner – Authentic braai & drinks at SAAO



9 March: 3rd Day WORKSHOP



Session 8: Calibration, Computing and Science Data Processing (cont)

(Chair: Oleg Smirnov)

10:00 Digital Signal Processing Platforms – Francois Kapp (SKA South Africa)
10:30 SKA-AAMID modeling of computing power and costs – Rik Jongerius (IBM Netherlands)

Session 9: AAMID Front-End development progress

(Chair: Wim van Cappellen)

11:00 ORA developments – David Zhang (University of Manchester)
11:20 Break
11:40 Optimal performance, manufacturability in Vivaldi arrays – Mark Ruiter (ASTRON)
12:00 Irregular array of Log periodic Dipoles – Andrew Faulkner (Cambridge University)
12:20 Regular Dense Dipole Arrays – Jacki Gilmore (Stellenbosch University)
12:40 Low Noise Amplifiers for AAMID – Paulus Kruger (North-West University)
13:00 Lunch

Session 10: Views of South African Industry

(Chair: David Davidson, Stellenbosch University)

14:00 EMSS-Antennas – Isak Theron
14:20 Reutech Radar – Werner Steyn
14:40 SCS Space – Ben Opperman
15:00 SKA-AAMID Power and Costs; what is known already? (Discussion)
15:30 Wrap-up
16:00 End of workshop





17:00 – Departure by bus from SAAO for Sunset tour and dinner at the V&A Waterfront


10 + 11 March: Closed AAMID consortium meeting