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Teaching has enabled me to gain a deeper understanding of the fundamental underpinnings of the subject matter. As such I believe it is an integral park of being a researcher.

During my master's I was the teaching assistant for a Microwave Engineering course.

As a PhD student, I was twice the Teaching assistant for a graduate course called Statistical Signal Processing. I taught the practical applications part of the course, and in the process, developed problem sets and projects. A (somewhat old and dated) website with problem sets can be found here.

I have also been a guest lecturer for two graduate level courses during my time at Caltech: (a) High energy astrophysics, and (b) the interstellar medium. Here I typically handled 1-2 lectures per semester and focussed on a particular sub-topic within the course such as Fast Radio Bursts, Interstellar scintillation. Some day, I will type out my handwritten notes and post them here.