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More women at ASTRON!?

Submitter: Raffaella Morganti (for the Diversity Committee)
Description: Even great minds like Jan Oort thought that, once a woman became a mother, there was no place for her anymore in astronomy http://allesoversterrenkunde.nl/cgi-bin/scripts/db.cgi?ID=758&view_records=1). Those times have changed, but it is still true that the number of "beta" women working in Dutch science institutes is particularly low, lower than in most European countries.
Unfortunately ASTRON is not an exception to this!

As part of an on-going effort to improve the gender balance within ASTRON and JIVE, we now have a female visitor programme. This programme is aimed at encouraging women working in the fields of astronomy and engineering research & development to visit our institute and to carry out a project here.

The name of the programme "Helena Kluyver" was chosen with the help of Prof. Hugo van Woerden. Helena Kluyver was one of the first women to graduate in Astronomy in the Netherlands and, furthermore, was the first woman to actively work as an astronomer in a dutch institute. She obtained her doctorate in Leiden with Henk van de Hulst as supervisor. Her thesis was on "Line Intensities in the Spectrum of RR Lyrae", later she worked on pulsation theory of Cepheids. She also assisted Jan Oort in his duties as General Secretary of the International Astronomical Union.
You can read more about her in the web site of the Programme.

Everybody at Astron (not only women!) can suggest candidate visitors. Guidelines can be found at the web site:

We hope to receive some input from you!

[The Diversity Committee includes: Jeanette Roorda, Raffaella Morganti, Marianna Ivashina, Gabby Kroes, Florence Rigal, Hayley Bignall, Stefanie Muehle]
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