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e-EVN observes gamma binary LSI +61 303 in MAGIC collaboration campaign

Submitter: Zsolt Paragi
Description: The MAGIC telescope on La Palma (see picture) is a powerful new instrument to detect and localise sources of gamma rays on the sky. To understand the nature of these objects, multi-band monitoring observations are essential. The MAGIC collaboration organized a campaign to observe LSI +61 303, one of the two microquasar candidates detected in gamma rays. The participating telescopes were MAGIC, CHANDRA, MERLIN, VLBA and the e-EVN. For the EVN, participation was possible because of the regular e-VLBI test runs in between the normal observing sessions. The leader of the e-EVN observations was Miguel-Angel Perez-Torres, the results were recently published by Albert et al. (arXiv:0801.3150)
Copyright: MAGIC collaboration
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