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LOFAR image with HBA tiles

Submitter: Sarod Yatawatta
Description: This is an image produced with the LOFAR highband antennas (HBA). An array of 4 tiles was used, augmented with 12 individual dipole elements. The longest baseline is about 500 m. Each tile has 16 dipole elements in a 4x4 array.

The observing time was 24 hours, and the tile beams were pointed at Cas A. In frequency, 16 subbands were used, between 125 MHz and 175 MHz, each with a bandwidth of 150 kHz.

The two brightest sources Cas A (centre) and Cyg A (right) have been subtracted below 1% level. The brightest remaining source is Tycho, at top left of Cas A. The Sun can be seen at bottom right.

The magenta circle indicates the half-power size of the average tile beam. Indide this circle, more sources can be seen of course.
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