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Farewell to Hayley and Cormac

Submitter: Huib Jan van Langevelde & Bob Campbell
Description: After respectively 8 and 5 years at JIVE, Cormac Reynolds and Hayley Bignall are moving on to take on new jobs at Curtin University of Technology, Perth, Western Australia. JIVE and ASTRON colleagues gathered at “De Brink” on February 7 for the official farewell party. The speeches highlighted their importance to the professional and social structure of JIVE and in fact to the entire Dwingeloo institute.

Hayley was a record productive support scientist, starting originally in the correlator group. As an expert on intraday variability she continued to do highly profiled scientific research, and she was the colloquium chair for a number of years. And last but not least, she never lost a rowing race.

Cormac started his JIVE job with supporting the EVN and establishing new calibration tools. He has been maintaining SCHED for the EVN for a long time and established the EVN Pypeline. He also led the SKADS simulation effort at JIVE. Recently he took over many responsibilities in project management and joined the JIVE Management team. And last but not least, he has the makings of an ideal son-in-law.

The speeches failed to be mercifully silent about some embarrassing moments in international astronomy interactions and soccer matches. It was conjecturized that these might be the real reasons for their flight forward, or rather downward, to Australia. Because, at the end of the day, the last lingering party-goers agreed that no sane person would otherwise want to leave such a lovely place...
Copyright: picture by Paul Boven
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