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Pioneers in international Business

Submitter: Ronald Halfwerk
Description: ASTRON had a booth in the Holland Pavilion during the Photonics West 2008 exhibition 19-24th of January in San José ( USA,CA). This was the first time ever having a Dutch presentation on this type of SPIE event. The Orange tulip, miniature wooden shoes and even ‘stroopwafels’ and ‘drop’ symbolized the origin of this pavilion.

The Dutch photonics community is on its way becoming more mature and visible. 'Photonics' is covering integrated optics (we call it microwave photonics) and free space optics. For the latter, we shipped up to (over to, actually) the max. allowed kg of delicate optics in our carry-on baggage and got it passed through the USA customs.
On the pictures Ramon Navarro and Peter Maat in action at the booth, both in carefully selected wardrobe and labeled with a tiny orange tulip.

During the exhibition we engaged very promising contacts with Dutch and foreign companies.
ASTRON was able to show to our 'niche market', right in the hart of Silicon Valley, our excellent capabilities of cryogenic high precision optics and our application of microwave photonic beam forming in large phased array systems.
Copyright: fotos by R.G.B. Halfwerk. Flash: J. ter Horst
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