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From the Horsehead nebula to Horseshoes

Submitter: Ronald Halfwerk
Description: Some time ago, Niels Tromp and Menno Schuil supported a company that is a leading producer of horseshoes. Niels and Menno paved the way for them to manufacture horseshoes by using advanced CAM and 5-axis milling technology, giving this company a competitive advantage. This metal-working technology is derived from ASTRON's own technology development program. It is applied for scientific instruments, for instance the X-shooter spectrograph.

A video shot was made by JBF Productions in the X-shooter integration room of at ASTRON. The shot is part of an item about technology transfer to northern companies, on behalf of the Technologie Centrum Noord-Nederland. ASTRON, through our Bureau of Technology Transfer, is a member of TCNN. Most of the filming of JBF takes place on-site of the horseshoe manufacturer. But in order to put the origin of the technology in context, some shots were taking at Astron.

The title “From the Horsehead Nebula to Horseshoes” may be a rather elliptic arc through imagination space, but it serves as an example of technology transfer by ASTRON.
Copyright: ASTRON
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