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MIRI_Deck of Leicester University: final and crucial production by ASTRON

Submitter: Johan Pragt
Description: Besides the ASTRON development and responsibility for the two infra-red Spectral Main Optics modules for MIRI, ASTRON is asked by Leicester University to do the final and most crucial production of the MIRI-Deck.
The MIRI-Deck carries all the optical sub-units like the 2 spectrometer boxes (ASTRON), the imager (SAP) and grating wheel motor (MPIA).
The request to ASTRON to do this final production was due to problems in the past with several produced samples in the UK. In cooperation with Leicester we implemented improvements to make the very accurate machining happen.
In 2 weeks time we produced all accurate final dimensions in the MIRI-Deck on our milling machine, with the aid of the best ohm meter of ASTRON for temperature measurement of the material (within 0,2 degree) and the aid of an extreme accurate and large 3D measurement machine at a supplier close by (GeTech in Westerbork).
This responsible job we closed successfully with an excellent measurement report.
The Deck will be shipped back to Leicester a.s.a.p. (including the bill).
Copyright: ASTRON
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