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Single Pulses from Pulsar B0329+54 with LOFAR HBAs

Submitter: Jason Hessels (with B. Stappers, R. Karuppusamy, & J. Masters)
Description: Using just 6 LOFAR HBA tiles (1/8 of a LOFAR core station), bright single pulses have been detected from the pulsar B0329+54. 48 156-kHz subbands between 160-240MHz were combined. The figure on the left shows 50+ pulses peaking in signal-to-noise at the dispersion measure of the pulsar. The pulsar drifts into and out of the beam over the course of the observation. The right figure shows one of the brightest individual pulses detected. The time resolution has been binned to 6.5ms.
Copyright: figures by Jason Hessels
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