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ASTRON/JIVE, c'est une famille

Submitter: Jan Noordam
Description: When members of the ASTRON/JIVE family leave Dwingeloo, we try to keep in contact, and to participate in the high moments of their subsequent lives. Fortunately, up to now, these have only been happy affairs like weddings and births.

Last saturday, two of our old friends, Stephanie Voegele and Jerome Dromer, got married in Caen (France). It was very nice, with a "chapel" that looked more like a cathedral, followed by sumptuous refreshments in a lovely setting on the Bully river.

When they were here, they were valued members of the socalled "Groningen crowd". The image shows them paying the price, listening with determined smiles to the indiscretions in the traditional speech by the Russian leader of this lively group. The little girls are clearly impressed, while the alphabetical lady on the left must be thinking of her own youthful exploits. The typical Frenchman in the orange shirt looks shocked, while tightly holding on to his wife.

Stefanie and Jerome have promised to visit us in June.
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