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The second Giove-B spectrum recorded by the WSRT

Submitter: Hans van der Marel and Koos Kegel
Description: After showing the first one yesterday, here is the second spectrum (band E1) of the Giove-B satellite, as recorded by the WSRT.

ASTRON has a contract with Thales-Alenia-Space - Italy (TAS-I) to develop a Galileo Signal In Space Monitoring Facility. Using the WSRT and dedicated hard- and software, the Space Monitoring Facility is able to qualify the signal performance of the Galileo satellites in orbit. The recently launched second test satellite Giove-B will be used to test and qualify the measurement setup. The measurements include signal power, bandwidth, etc. in the analogue domain, and eye-diagrams, code tracking, chip rates etc. in the digital domain.

The Galileo signal power levels are extremely low, therefore large dish antennas are necessary to perform the measurements with the requested accuracy. ASTRON, with its WSRT is uniquely equipped to perform this task.

This project is managed by ASTRON as prime while Science & Technology (Delft), TU-Delft and TNO are closely involved.
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