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The first Giove-B spectrum recorded by the WSRT

Submitter: Hans van der Marel
Description: Giove-B is the second prototype satellite of the Galileo project, the European version of GPS. It has been successfully launched on April 27, and it started to transmit its first signals during the night of May 6-7.

ASTRON has a contract with ESA to test the performance of the new satellites, using the regular WSRT observing system with a special receiver and special software.

In addition, ASTRON is interested in using Galileo (and GPS) signals to help calibrate the ionosphere for LOFAR. In this context it is of particular interest that Galileo uses three frequencies rather than two.

The WSRT managed to catch the first Giove-B signals in the morning of May 8. The spectra are recorded in the IF and show the E1 band (at 1575.42 MHz) and the E5 band (at 1191.795 MHz). The E6 band is not being transmitted yet. The image shows only the E5 band.
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