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Final IAP Drenthe progress meeting

Submitter: IAP Drenthe
Description: Back in May 2005, the Provincie Drenthe submitted an Innovative Actions Program (IAP) proposal to the EC in Brussels. It was accepted in December 2005. The program ran from January 2006 till January 2008.

Up to 12 regional projects were supported by this IAP Drenthe, all managed and administered by AstroTec Holding (ATH). This is 50% more than originally planned. Amongst these projects was EMBRACE, one of the SKA Design Studies (SKADS), coordinated and managed by ASTRON.

The project was aimed at supporting regional Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) by connecting them to knowledge institutes and providing the subsidy to enable the SME to realize their innovative ideas.

The image shows the last progress meeting (at ASTRON, on May 16th) between the Provincie, ATH and Haute Europe, financial experts in this field. Such meetings took place on a regular basis.

IAP's success will be transmitted to its successor program called IAD, which will start next month.
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