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Eva und Marcus

Submitter: Corina Vogt
Description: On May 16, ASTRON postdoc Eva Manthey finally got married to her Marcus. The happy new family can be seen on the photo with their dog Senta.

It took quite a long time before they decided to marry. They met when she was still a student at the University of Bochum. But only since Eva is far far away from home (breaking her leg, among other things), Marcus has realized what he had to do. So it seems that distance can lead to more binding energy between couples.

Being scientists, we are tempted to make a comparison with particle physiscs here. Is it like the gluon binding between the 3 quarks in a proton (including the dog), which can move freely within the particle (the home), but can only escape by its destruction? Or is it like the phonon binding between Cooper pairs of electrons in a superconducting lattice? Since the latter mechanism is much less monogamous, and does not account for the dog, it has to be ruled out on moral grounds.

The church ceremony will be in October. We wish the Jütte family all the best for many years to come!
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