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Lenticulars over CASLEO

Submitter: Rob Millenaar
Description: It is no coincidence that observatories are generally built in places that feature magnificent scenery, and Dwingeloo is no exception. But the local Dutch landscape is nothing like the backdrop seen in this panoramic image of the CASLEO 2.15 meter optical telescope in Argentina. Even though the Andes mountain range lies beyond the nearby peaks in this image, it betrays its presence by reliably generating magnificent cloud formations, known as Altocumulus Lenticularis - lens shaped high clouds. The winds blowing in from Chile in the West cause a standing wave on the leeside, and these waves are marked by smooth stationary clouds that only slowly change shape as the wind strength and direction vary.
The telescope's site at 2500 metres elevation not only delivers first rate scenery but also excellent seeing conditions.
Copyright: Rob Millenaar
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