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Saving the Dwingeloo Telescope

Submitter: Paul Boven and Lars Bahren
Description: The work on the Dwingeloo radio telescope is progressing steadily, despite the rather limited funds of Camras. But a unique opportunity has presented itself: the BankGiroLoterij is organizing another round of their acclaimed TV-show 'Restoration'. In this show 16 historical landmarks (castles, churches, and windmills, of course) compete for a grand prize of one million Euro. This money would allow a complete overhaul and preservation of our monumental dish. A few weeks ago, a complete TV crew showed up to record interviews and footage of our dish in all its rusting glory. And we're glad that so many people from Astron, Jive and Dwingeloo turned up to show their support for our restoration project - thank you!

Copyright: Lars Bahren
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