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The first LOFAR board in production!

Submitter: Menno Norden, Gijs Schoonderbeek, Adriaan Renting
Description: Together with COMDES (the contractor of the LOFAR backplane and subrack) Menno and Gijs have paid ERNI a visit to see the backplane in production. The connectors have special contacts which can shirk to fit the holes in the board. The connectors are pressed with a special machine into the backplane. This machine records all press in forces used to press in the connectors. After the 150 connectors are placed, the connectors are inspected with a camera and the 5000 connections of the board are electrically tested. At the end of this week the boards will be shipped to APRA where they will be installed in the subracks ready to be used in the LOFAR stations.

Technical information of the LOFAR backplane:
- 32 Receivers on one side and 4 RSP’s (Remote Station Processing), 2 TBB’s (Transient Buffer Board) a TDS (Time Distribution Subrack), SPU (Subrack Power Unit) and JTB (JTAG Test Board) on the other side)
- Maximal data rate: 400MSamples/sec (RSP to TBB)
- 5158 connections from which are 821 Differential pairs
- 202 meter of copper traces
- All RCU-RSP, RSP-TBB, TDS-RCU and TDS-RSP/TBB busses are tuned to make the connections within a bus of equal length.
- 14 Layer of copper
- 16.89” X 15.56” (429 x 395 mm)
- 7968 holes

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