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Submitter: Embrace Team
Description: Presented here is the next generation of the EMBRACE tile, the "hextile". (the previous version "quadtile" is shown at the ASTRON JIVE Daily Image 29-01-2007).

Each tile has 6 hexboards mounted on 1 centreboard, including the following items/functions:
- 144 vivaldi elements, 72 for each polarization.
- 72 low noise amplifiers.
- 18 analogue beam-former chips.
- Integrated power supply, with voltage and temperature monitoring.
- Switchable True-time-delay lines.
- Digital control and ethernet communication

The power, ethernet communication and RF signals are all transported over the 2 coax cables connected to the centreboard of the tile. The CDC present in the backend seperates these signals.
Copyright: Pieter Benthem
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