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Bird's Eye View of the Super Terp

Submitter: Peter Bennema
Description: As shown in Daily Image of 17-7-2008, the ground work for the LOFAR Central Core has started after the breeding season ended last week. The birds were so grateful for getting enough time to teach their offspring to fly that they sent us some nice pictures from their point of view.

This picture shows the Super Terp (blue perimeter), a slightly elevated area with a diameter of 300m, where the LOFAR roll-out team will install the first permanent stations of the Central Core. The elevation of 60 cm will ensure that the antennas stay dry in the rather soggy landscape. All other stations will be placed on smaller "terps".

NB: A "terp" is the name for the elevated areas on which Frisian farms have been built for thousands of years, before the Dutch tamed the seas. (The British only ruled the waves, which is quite a different matter). A real terp is virtually indestructible, because it consists mainly of petrified cow-dung...

Visible to the left are the various LBA and HBA test-fields, which have produced the wonderful all-sky images that were shown in earlier Daily Images (search the archive with the keyword "Yatawatta").

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