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Hexboard environmental testing

Submitter: Embrace Team
Description: Presented here is a Hex-board (also shown at the ASTRON JIVE Daily Image 15-04-2008), which is being tested at the climate chamber here at ASTRON.
Temperature and the humidity cylces were set for several days to see if the pcb wouldn't fail at DC level, measure gain and phase variation and monitor the physical dimensions of the pcb.

Temperature fluctuated from -20 to +60 degrees Celcius, humidity from 0% to 95% with 25 to 55 degrees Celcius (condensation effects).

First results show a good DC survival skill, 1.5 dB gain and 40 degrees phase variation. The physical dimensions didn't change to a disturbing level.

These results are satisfying, considering the pcb has 55 dB total gain and measures 53 by 35 cm.
Copyright: Pieter Benthem
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