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LOFAR sub-rack

Submitter: Gijs Schoonderbeek
Description: After our last visit to the back-plane shop at ERNI (Daily Image 2-7-08), the back-planes where shipped to APRA to be assembled in the sub-racks. The sub-rack metal parts are made and assembled in the APRA factory in Mehren (Germany).

The sub-racks will house the specially designed electronics from ASTRON. Special attention is paid in the sub-rack design to shield the noisy digital electronics from the sensitive receiver units.

The sub-rack is designed in close cooperation with COMDES. Together with Eric van Rooy and Angelo Cavur from COMDES Menno and Gijs have visited the factory.

In the slide show, the big machines to make the metalwork for the sub-rack are shown. These machines work day and night to make the LOFAR sub-racks!!

In this factory the frontpanels are made as well. In the slide show the silkscreen (zeefdruk) for the frontpanels are seen. On a different location in Mehren the metal plates and the backplanes are assembled to one subrack, here Menno is auditting the production!

The LOFAR Team

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