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Afscheid Bert Geerken

Submitter: Michael Garrett
Description: A few days ago, ASTRON bid farewell to Bert Gerkeen, until recently acting head of AZ. Bert has been with us for the last year, a year in which there has been many changes. Bert has visibly enjoyed his time here, meeting many new friends and colleagues. He has been a valued member of the Management Team, and a respected sparring partner for the OR. During morning coffee last week, Bert was presented with various gifts, and later with other members of AZ, he paid a visit to the Drents museum and a special exhibition of the Terracotta army. During his recent visit to ASTRON, Bert was also able to meet-up and talk with his replacement - Herve Jamin. Herve will start his new position as head
of bedrijfsvoering on September 1.

Bert has already taken up a new position as Director of the Nutralis national museum in Leiden. We're very proud that he has been chosen for this prestigious new appointment, and wish him all the best for the future!

Acknowledgements: Thanks to Rob Millenaar and others w.r.t. use of photos/images.
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