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Making an Impact in Chicago

Submitter: Nico Ebbendorf
Description: The XXIV General Assembly of the International Union of Radio Science, the URSI-GA, took place in Chicago in the 2nd week of August. This conference is held at intervals of three years. In particular Commission J (Radio Astronomy) is a good platform for new developments in our field, both in science and engineering.

An ASTRON team presented recent results on high profile projects like LOFAR, APERTIF and SKADS, the latter including EMBRACE and the WSRT. The picture shows our very own Prof van Ardenne (2nd from the left among the Great and the Good behind the High Table), president for many years of the Dutch URSI committee, relaxing after presenting the Balthasar van der Pol Gold Medal to Prof Jack Welch of Berkeley University. Afterwards, he gave a tutorial on phased arrays that was attended by the largest audience in the entire conference.

On the whole it is maybe too strong to state that we shook the world but we certainly made an impact!
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