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Production LOFAR cable assemblies

Submitter: Marchel Gerbers
Description: The company Tyco delivers all cable assemblies for LOFAR. The slide show shows pictures of the production.

The following production steps are made
1) The company Draka delivers the coax cable to Tyco (Some cables types already cut in specific lengths).
2) Tyco produces the connectors and delivers these connectors to the assembly plant.
3) The cable is cut on a specified mechanical length.
4) Animal protection is placed on on a part of the cable.
5) On one side of the cable a connector is fitted
6) The cable is measured. Important is the time delay of the signal in the cable. The electrical length is important. The measurement system gives automatically a mechanical length which should removed.
7) The cable is cut back to its right electrical length.
8) The second connector is placed on the other side of the cable.
9) The cable is remeasured to confirm the electrical length and to test the cable with connenctors. All measurement data is stored for each cable.
10) Labels with logistic information and technical information (time delay) are printed and placed on the cables.
11) Cables are packed and send to the warehouse close to the LOFAR core.

The received astronomical radio signals will be received by the antennas and amplified. The amplified signals will be transferred through the cables from the antennas to the analog/digital converters in the LOFAR station cabinet. The time delay requirements for the cable assemblies are very high.
Copyright: Tyco electronics
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