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The mysticism of Sinterklaas

Submitter: Marjan Tibbe
Description: Even at ASTRON, where science is diminishing mysticism, Sinterklaas still is a mystic event. The Personeelsvereniging ASTRON and JIVE organized a Sinterklaas party on Saturday morning 22 November. 34 children plus parents joined this typical Dutch phenomenon.

Apart from the Sinterklaas and Zwarte Pieten entertainment, a clown (who is actually the father of one of our ASTRON colleagues!) was there for the funny things like grease-painting himself and balloon-shaping, before Sinterklaas arrived with his Pieten.

The party was much enjoyed by everybody. Many thanks for Arno Gregoor and his wife Nancy for organizing the event, and to Sandra Mellema for coordinating the presents for the children!

Copyright: H. Verkouter/JIVE
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