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Panoramic Radio Astronomy

Submitter: George Heald
Description: Radio astronomy is soon to make another huge technological step forward! In the next few years, exciting new radio telescopes will be built all around the globe: to name a few, we will soon see Apertif here in the Netherlands, ASKAP in Australia, and MeerKAT in South Africa. These telescopes, interferometers all, will offer the good angular resolution which we have become accustomed to, while simultaneously increasing the field of view and the observing bandwidth. These technical achievements will allow scientists to survey the 1-2 GHz radio sky much faster.

In June of next year, ASTRON (co-sponsored by the ATNF and the University of Cape Town) will host the "Panoramic Radio Astronomy" conference in Groningen. We will discuss the optimal scientific application of these new telescopes to the specific question of the evolution of galaxies since redshift z~0.5, when the Universe was about 5 billion years younger.

For more information about this exciting conference, please visit
where you can also indicate your interest in attending. See you in Groningen next June!
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